Monthly Archives: December 2013

The Products of a Season

We got a call from the butcher’s today, and Da picked up the result of his first crossbow hunt, the doe he almost missed out on. This means that my addiction to jerky no longer has to be fed through stops at the corner shop, as five pounds of venison jerky are now in my grasp. 



Since I don’t have much else to talk about, I’ll tell you the story of how Da almost missed this doe. So, my father’s been hunting since he was a kid. He quit archery when his shoulder started giving him trouble, and moved on to rifle and in-line muzzleloader. However, the places where you can hunt with those in 5C are pretty much hunted out, because the game commission wants money and there’s been a lot of development. So, my Grandmother went in for half with Da on a crossbow for building her new shed. Da fired the thing twice in the store, then took it hunting on a family friend’s property.

The second day he went hunting with it, he fired at the doe, and she continued to run around for a few hours. Da got disgusted around lunch and went home, only to get a call from his friend a little later, telling him he forgot his deer. Turns out, he had hit her and didn’t realize it. When he left, she had probably just finally laid down to die.  

Pure luck and some good friends that he had meat to pick up today, but I am glad for it. That’s meat in the freezer for the winter and a little less to worry about.


Falling Into Place


So today began my special project for my winter break before classes resume: getting the house absolutely tidy and doing away with all the clutter. It’s harder than it sounds, with Da working ten hour days, me only at home three days a week tops and two cats, one of whom loves to jump on mail or anything else and throw it on the floor. Progress was made in the living room, and I am exceptionally happy with it.

On the garden front, spoke to Da again, and he said I can have as much of it as I like. Turns out, he feels how little the garden has been producing has been in part due to him trying to work full time and keep up our house and my grandmother’s without any help. I pretty much have permission to take over the entire garden. They still don’t think I’ll so it, but it’s progress none the less. Sometimes I feel as though things fall into place like clicking into a puzzle. It helps encourage me even more knowing I might take some of the pressure off my family.

Snowed a little today, and the muscles let me know how they felt about it, by tensing in my neck and pushing on a pinched nerve that gave me a migraine that had me wincing most of the day. Hopefully, tomorrow will be warmer and less painful.

Getting The Fire Going Again

I really let this blog lapse, and I do feel dreadfully about it. I just got terribly overwhelmed with real life and trying to be more responsible, that I let this responsibility lapse. Winter is always rough for me, since it makes my entire body ache, and the snow and ice we get here makes me either mince around inch by inch like a newborn calf or fall flat on my face. (I usually choose the former.) It’s also a sad time or me, especially in December, because my mum’s birthday is the eighth, and even though she’s been gone ages, it still stings. Same with my paternal grandfather’s birthday, ten days later. Even if he wasn’t a good man, I still cared about him. Throw school on top of winter, and I was glad just to keep functioning. I am back now, however, on this Mother’s Night. It’s funny, Yule and Mother’s Night always make me feel my lack of fellow heathens more keenly, probably because it’s right in the middle of the worst time of year for me. Still, though, progress on.

I ordered my 2014 seed catalogs tonight, and I am very excited about it. I did get my father’s approval to have a bit of garden, so I’m planning and plotting (pun intended) for that, and waiting for the cold to go away. I don’t know how much garden I’ll get, but I figure I can still work in his and my grandmother’s as well as my own. They don’t think I’ll stick with it, so all the more a challenge to me. Let it never be said I backed down from a proper challenge.

And let’s hope I can get in the rhythm of posting again!