About This Blog

This blog is a chronicle of a twenty-something heathen who would rather play on her XBox than go outside’s attempts to find her own niche in the simple-living and homesteading movements. This will not be an easy task, because despite the advantages of being surrounded by farmland in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and the daughter and granddaughter of people who are more easily found outdoors than in, I was never fond of the outside. I made excuses to avoid it, curling up in a dark corner with a classic book rather than running about in the sunshine (and ultimately falling on my face.) I also have an abject fear of chickens not in the freezer or on my plate, and vegetables have been deemed “yucky” since I was four.

Why then, am I doing this? Stress, for one. Going to school at night full-time on top of an overactive brain, I find it hard to relax. Health, for two. A type-two diabetic with chronic muscle weakness, my outlets for exercise are trips to the gym twice a week if I can get a ride into the nearest city. I know from watching my father and grandmother that if nothing else, gardening and avoiding the stores tends to require work. Last, if not least of all, I hope to find some connection and security in providing for others and myself, and weaning myself off of my expensive tastes as well as conquering some fears.

It won’t always be pretty, and it won’t always be positive, but if I can promise one thing, it’ll be honest.


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