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The First To-Do List

I’m a very organized person when it comes to words and tasks, not so much when it comes to cleaning. So, in order to break this big project of homesteading up into manageable, less scary chunks, I’ve decided to create to-do lists. So, here we go.

August 2013 (What’s Left Of It)

1. Get over fear of chickens.

2. Failing (1), at least make progress in fear of chickens. (IE: Walk into Grandmother’s chicken yard and stay there for at least five minutes.)

3. Discuss composting with Grandmother and/or Father.

4. Help with remaining harvest from Grandmother and Father’s gardens, discuss possibility of own garden next season, or doable fall crops. (If any)

5. Do more reading on homesteading basics. (This at least, you can be good at.)

6. Jelly?