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Emergency Management, Hel and Apple Pie

End of term is coming up for me, and with it comes the perfectionistic freak-out over projects that are due. (Like the one tonight.) Due to the fact that I go to night school, sometimes topics come up in class that really make me think. Right now in my Emergency Management class, we are talking about hazards and disasters and first aid and CPR and what you would do in an emergency if you found someone lying on the ground. 

Now, I know in an disaster, we’d have enough food to survive, with many thanks to my grandmother, so disasters don’t worry me too much, and I know how to handle a cricket bat if there’s a zombie outbreak (:)) but I had a moment of truly not knowing what I’d do if I happened on a complete stranger who was unconscious. I know part of it has to do with discussions I’ve had with others, people who have talked long and often about the fact that they have DNRs, and one who succinctly stated that he would be glad when he was called to Neorxnawang or Hel. I guess I would just find it a quandary if I managed to save someone (which I doubt, since most CPR attempts fail to save the person) and they hated me for it. Especially if they were able-bodied and when they recovered now had other issues that didn’t let them just resume life as it was. 

(Fun fact: apparently spellcheck decided the closest thing to ‘Neorxnawang’ was ‘Orangeade.’)

This is what happens when you know far too many people with serious health issues who look completely normal. It gets in your head. So, how do I deal with stress and not having answers? I made apple pie. We have a ton of apples on the trees right now. There was apple crisp last week, and now there’s pie, though at the rate it’s going I may have to make another tomorrow. This is why I make two pie shells and just freeze one.Image