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Pizza and Fighting My Own Battles

I’ve had a couple hard days, between side effects from meds on top of girl issues, relationship woes, and migraines. So, today I decided to treat myself with homemade pizza. As I was pounding my frustration out on the dough, I thought about an issue I’d been having in my relationship.


Namely, the idea of my SO attempting to “defend” me.  Now, in most of my life, I’m a stereotypical Frigeswoman. I enjoy domestics and find spinning the only way I can get myself in a meditative state. I love children and working with them, and enjoy peace around me, despite being quite sneaky.

However, I’ve been fighting my whole life, and it’s made me a stronger person. I’ve fought against my own body, against bullies, against anyone who pushes me. When it comes to my battles, I want to fight them. I don’t want to be on a pedestal, I want to be on the ground, fighting back. I don’t want to someone to avenge me.  That takes away part of me and my chances to change for the better. I suppose it’s the viking and the Scot in me, the Sága and Scáthach, refusing to be undermined.

While I don’t know what it means for my relationship, I do know it ended up making some pretty good pizza.